If you want to improve the look of your basement then basement carpet is definitely not something you want to skip out on.BUYERS GUIDE. Are Interlocking Carpet tiles waterproof?closed cell foam, Rubber and Raised Plastic Bases Make a Difference Installation Instructions for Interlocking Carpet TilesHow to Install Interlocking Carpet Tiles on Concrete ; floating basement floor, floating carpet tile, Raised FloorsFloating carpet tiles, Floating vinyl basement flooring, plastic tilebasement carpet fibers. For all the possible problems associated with basement carpeting, the good news is that most basements aren’t exposed to direct sunlight. Many synthetic fibers fade under sunlight. If you’re able to keep moisture out of your basement, your carpet fibers should stay in good condition for many years.Installing Carpet Installing Carpet on a Concrete Floor. in a Basement. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.Editor’s Note: A finished basement is an extension of the usable square footage for the home. However, unlike other rooms, there are certain concerns that must be addressed to keep the basement in good shape. As you’ll be investing in flooring, you want to make sure it’s the best fit. To help.First, it’s expensive. Not as expensive as building an addition onto your house, but it’s still easy to spend well into five figures finishing a basement as it’s typically done with insulation,Many people finish their basements to add a playroom for the kids a recreation room for the family or even another bedroom for family and guests.A basement is a space of the home that shouldn’t go unused. For storage, relaxing or other functions, the livable square footage of this space can’t be beat. If you’re looking to make your basement livable, a fresh coat of paint is a great place to start. Painting your basement floor is a.In a standard basement carpeting installation, the carpet goes down over a foam pad laid directly on the concrete floor, or on a pad installed over a wood subfloor. In either case, normal basement moisture eventually causes problems with this flooring treatment.Adding a fresh coat of paint to your basement floor is a relatively quick, inexpensive and easy way to spruce up the space. It allows you to improve the overall look of your basement without covering.